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nano-archimedes is a Technology Computer Aided Design tool (TCAD) for the simulation of various technology relevant situations involving the dynamics of electrons such as the transport in nanometer scale semiconductor devices (nanodevices) and the dynamics of N-body problems in quantum chemistry. It is based on the Signed Particle Formulation of quantum mechanics, a (computationally convenient) phase-space formalism which can simulate time-dependent quantum problems involving single- and many-body systems.

nano-archimedes is based on the platform implemented for Archimedes (www.gnu.org/software/archimedes). The code is able to simulate time dependent, full quantum, multi-dimensional phenomena such as wave phase breaking and single electron ballistic transport with open boundary conditions, electron dynamics in molecular systems, etc.

nano-archimedes runs both on serial and parallel machines and the parallelization scheme is based on MPI and OpenMP - two standard libraries for parallel calculations. The code is entirely written in C and can compile on a huge variety of machines without any particular effort. It is truly cross-platform.

Many results have already been presented in conferences (e.g. LSSC, IMACS, SISPAD, IWCE, etc) and are submitted for publications. We post part of the results once they are published on this website.

The source code is developed and maintained by Prof. Jean Michel Sellier, who is the developer and maintainer of several other GNU packages.

If you have any particular need with the simulation of quantum systems - single and many-body - in the fields of nanoelectronics, quantum chemistry, molecular electronics, etc, or if you need a modification to the code of nano-archimedes (a different model, an extension/modification, a GUI, etc), we are here for you. We offer a consultancy service and are open to discussions. To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you are interested in nano-archimedes, you have questions or suggestions, you want to know more about the code, please, do not hesitate to contact us!

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